Kruger on pole position

The qualifying session on the Oschersleben circuit has begun on Saturday afternoon precisely at 4:30 P.M. Just like in the earlier training sessions, drivers had to struggle with a legendary venue, on which the weather has been changing all day long. In the 30 minutes time we have witnessed great emotions and a lot of changes on the top places. At the end of the day, the pole position went to Jeffrey Kruger, whose 1:41.620 time was enough to beat second Marcus Fluch.


25 drivers competing in this year’s struggle in Volkswagen Golf Cup has fought in the qualifying session, but until the very end the final result was a big unknown, as the weather conditions were changing all the time. However, drivers were able to complete this day in dry conditions and didn’t have to use the wet tyre.

Initially, Dylan Pereira and Marcus Fluch were the two pace-setters, but later on Michał Gadomski and Jeffrey Kruger have joined to the fight. Jeffrey had problems on the beginning of the session, but before the end he managed to find good pace. In the last minutes of the session rivals fought fiercely for the pole position, but as it turned out, Kruger’s time was out of reach.

Ultimately, the second driver was Fluch, who has lost 0,2 seconds, while the third top driver was Gadomski. On the fourth place we sow Dylan Pereira, who has won the first free practice session. Andre Gies and Manuel Fahnauer have finished just behind him. Seventh place went to Simo Muhonen, while the top 10 was completed by Adam Rzepecki, rookie Piotr Parys and Marcin Jaros. Gosia Rdest has finished 12th and Jerzy Dudek has started his second full season in the Cup with 22 position in the qualifying.

Quotes after the qualifying session:

Jeffrey Kruger (P1): – Everything was fine, so I am very happy with the result of the first qualifying this year. Tomorrow is another day and a lot can happen. During the practice sessions we have checked different tire pressure settings and I think we have found optimum set for the race. I hope we will be able to complete our plan. It would be perfect if it stays warm and dry.

Michał Gadomski (P3): – I am happy, because I was able to finish on the 3rd position. For the long time I have been second, but Marcus Fluch turned out to be faster today. Interestingly, he has managed to do a good lap on the end of qualifying, which is quite rare, because tires are not in such good conditions and they are overheating. I think he managed to take advantage of the cold weather. I will try to win in tomorrow’s race.

Piotr Parys (P9): I am satisfied with my first qualifying result in Volkswagen Golf Cup. I have been 9th and as for a debut, I think it is a good place. This is quite good starting position and I hope I will be able to fight in the race. If the weather is tricky, I would prefer to rain, because a lot can happen and I find myself quite good in the tough conditions.

To those fans, who won’t be able to show up during the competition near Magdeburg, we would like to remind that the rivalry on the first Volskwagen Golf Cup round can be also seen via Internet live broadcast, available at the following link: